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Carbon Care

UV Protection

If you wish to have your parts 2K acrylic clear lacquered to give a high long lasting shine and UV protection please ask for pricing or select the option when ordering.
Our default finish is normally Hard wearing, though not UV stable polished epoxy carbon fibre.

Please Note Epoxy Pre-preg products are not UV stable.

Parts that have been polished by Ocean Yacht Mouldings will then have been black waxed. This finish would be regularly lightly coated with Paiboat which offers some UV protection.
Other manufacturers products are can yellow in only 2 – 6 weeks. The epoxy resin will ‘yellow’ with prolonged exposure to UV radiation and material strength properties will slowly deteriorate.

We recommend exterior products or those exposed to constant UV are clear coated.

For deep shine and UV protection we recommend sanding and then finishing with a 2K Epoxy-Urethane.

The surface should be sanded so no gloss can be seen between warp and weft. The surface should be sanded with 180, 240 then 320 grit and a cleaning solvent used to remove grease or dirt prior to paint application. Several coats may be required (normally 3 to 4 light coats) to avoid pin-holing, common with painting composite products. Pin holes may be dubbed in carefully with a brush, then wet flatted for a final application of 3 thin coats of a 2K clear coat. Let air dry only, you may stove the paint at 70’c once fully air dried.

If you have any products that have become UV damaged, feel free to contact us for a repair quote to get them to a 'as new' finish and protected from re-occurrence 

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